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Jerry bryson
22 September 1940
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Jerry Bryson
Grand Bio(Auto)

I was born in 1940 and am still alive. I was married in 1964 and am still married(to the same woman). I have two daughters and two grandkids.

I have a B.A. in history, a B.D. in religion, and a B.S. in math. I once had a computer science professor tell me he thought my programming in 360 assembler with a ball-point pen was “damned arrogant.”

I had a somewhat checkered career, not the rich plaid of a Scotish tartan of some CVs; more like that of a cartoon octopus swimming over a chess board. I am a fugitive from the Southern Baptist ministry. I have taught high school, operated computers, and programed them. I spent four summers in a theme park, followed by five years bagging and carting out groceries at Ukrop’s.

I had a couple of stories published in Mensa newsletters and a magazine. I actually got paid for a story(Potato Dreams, August, 1998) for the second issue of Altair.